Private Messages of Facebook Accounts Being Sold Online

A research study conducted by the BBC has identified that online criminals are selling the private messages of 81,000 different hacked Facebook accounts. They are currently only selling these for 10 cents per account. The seller, going by the name “FBSaler”, started posting on underground criminal forums about having access to the information of over 120 million different Facebook users, and access to the private messages of 81,000 differe profiles. As mentioned previously, these accounts are being sold for a whopping 10 cents each. The seller first marketed these sales […]

How to Avoid Information Overload

This article is also available on Click here to read it on Medium. The Internet is filled with an abundance of information. It’s impossible to consume it all, and the raw information, whether accurate or not, is often overwhelming to even the best of us. What can we do to still maintain productivity while leveraging the web, and how can we filter out all the different materials that are unnecessary and just weigh us down? No matter what we are looking at: news, documentaries, videos, stocks or cryptocurrencies, business […]

New Advancements for Emotet Trojan

The Emotet trojan is commonly referred to as a banking trojan. More recently, is has become more known that it is involved in further distributing additional malware, and furthermore has expanded via a new module that allows it to steal a victim’s actual emails, even those going back six months. In the past, Emotet was only stealing email addresses from victims. The new version, however, has made it easier for the malware to steal data and promote corporate espionage by stealing actual emails in addition to the addresses. To further […]

New Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Discovered in Enterprise Access Points

Two new vulnerabilities have been identified in Bluetooth chips that are normally found within access points designed to provide WiFi to enterprises. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to take remote control of these devices without any authentication. They also allow a complete breach of the network. The Bluetooth chips identified are also present within different medical devices including insulin pumps and pacemakers, smart locks, and other products that are dependent on a Bluetooth technology called BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy. There is currently not a count on the total number of […]

Hospitals Continue to Fail at HIPAA Compliance When Sharing Records

“Many hospitals failed at HIPAA compliance in response to simulated patients’ requests for medical records, according to a Yale study. ” Researchers at Yale surveyed 83 of the top-ranked hospitals in the US with independent medical records request processes, where the medical records departments were all reachable by phone. According to HIPAA, patient requests for medical records are required to be fulfilled within 30 days of receipt. They must be in the format requested by the patient. OCR guidelines even say that hospitals can charge a cost-based fee to provide those […]

DuckDuckGo Is Now Receiving More Than 30 Million Searches in a Single Day

“The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is now performing more than 30 million searches in a single day. DuckDuckGo has experienced rapid growth and yesterday the company announced that it grew by 50% in a single year” according to Mayank Parma of “It took us seven years to reach 10 million private searches in one day, then another two years to hit 20 million, and now less than a year later we’re at 30 million,” DuckDuckGo tweeted. The search engine is gaining on the likes of Google and Bing at a rapid pace as […]

[Security Alert] Tens of Millions of U.S. Voter Records for Sale

  A recent advertisement on a forum aimed at selling data breach information has surfaced, which offers the personally identifiable details and voting history of millions of US residents. According to, “The estimated size of the cache is in excess of 35 million records.” The data is said to be sold from updated statewide voter lists, which includes millions of phone numbers, full addresses, and the full names of voters. Thus far, 20 states have been identified to be included. The seller only lists the number of records (s)he […]

Introducing TriVault BlackPass

TriVault BlackPass is a new solution designed to enlighten password management for small to mid-sized organizations who don’t have the ability to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a self-hosted solution. Instead, TriVault has a platform that allows for BlackPass to be internally hosted for organizations. BlackPass includes user, group, and solution management for passwords, and isn’t hosted on a public cloud… Keep passwords off of spreadsheets and on a safe, encrypted solution, by using TriVault BlackPass. This, of course, is completely free for anyone using any other TriVault […]

Thousands of WordPress Sites Recently Compromised: Redirect to Tech Support Scams

A recent discovery has lead to identifying that thousands of WordPress-based websites have been compromised. They have been injected with JavaScript code with the purpose to redirect users to different tech support scam pages. Security researchers have discovered that these attacks began early on in September and exploited vulnerabilities in outdated plugins. For any organizations or end users that use WordPress, TriVault strongly suggests you update your plugins immediately.  

New Microsoft Update for Office Desktop on Windows

Microsoft has recently released a brand new update for Office Insiders. This includes new features, continued improvements, and even some fixes. The September update includes new features for Outlook, but not for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, at least within this release (1810), but there were changed from 1809 (below). The new functionality includes a features that allows you to set your calendar to automatically dismissing reminders for events after they’ve ended. This is long-awaited feature for most Outlook users and reduces annoying pop-ups for already-passed events. However, there’s another featured […]