Android Malware Leading to Stolen PayPal Funds & 2FA Can’t Stop It

An Android malware that disguises itself as a battery optimization tool has employed a tricky tactic to convince users to sign into their PayPal accounts. This leads to stolen money, despite two-factor authentication protection. The malware just prompts them to log into the app. The app, going by the name of Optimization Android, is available from unofficial third-party stores. Once the app is initially launched, it closes and then hides, and never does anything else. It also runs overlay attacks on Google Play, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, and multiple banking […]

macOS Malware Variant Sends Screenshots to Hacker

  macOS malware is expanding yet again… And here some of you thought Apple products couldn’t fall victim to attacks… A new dodgy-looking, rough around the edges, form of malware is making the rounds. This malware takes screenshots and runs a backdoor on macOS machines. This new malware is being referenced informally as OSX.LamePyre. This malware is disguised as a copy of Discord, which is a popular messaging app for gamers. The malware was first discovered by Malwarebytes’ threat researcher Adam Thomas. Thomas noticed the copy of Discord he encountered […]

Say ByeBye to Google+… Another Data Breach Hit the Platform

Google initially planned to shut down its social network in August of 2019; however, a recent massive data breach has forced them to move their plans to shut it down come April instead. A critical security vulnerability in one of Google+’s People APIs allowed the functionality to steal private information on 52.5 million users. This includes their names, emails, occupations, and their age. The API is called “People: get”, and has been designed to let developers request basic information from a user profile. The software update to the platform in […]

New Ransomware Variant Infected 100,000 in China – Attacker Arrested

There is a new strain of ransomware made waves and was quickly spread throughout China. This ransomware has infected over 100,000 computers within the last four days, and it appeared to be a result of a supply-chain attack. The number of infected users is growing continuously every hour! This new piece of ransomware did not demand ransom payments to be made in Bitcoin, which is different from most ransomware variants. As opposed to Bitcoin, they have instead asked victims to pay 110 yuan (roughly $16 USD) in ransom through WeChat […]

Hackers Steal 40,000 Logins to Government Services in 30+ Countries

In what seems like a never-ending stream of hacking news these past few weeks… 40,000 users are now victims to a streamlined phishing attack that has taken their credentials to unlock online accounts for government services. The information is more than likely to have already been sold online across hacking forums or communities. Group-IB (an international cyber attack prevention company) researchers have identified that the login data offered access to servers within more than 30 countries around the world. Investigative research techniques using detection and reverse-engineering of malware led to […]

Don’t Get Used to Microsoft Edge – Microsoft Already Abandoning Development…

New reports are surfacing that mention Microsoft is abandoning development of its newer browser, Microsoft Edge, and is now focusing on a new Chromium-based browser. The codename for this project is Anaheim. It is rumored Microsoft is developing its own Chromium-based browser that will completely replace Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. This browser is said to not include any Google services, but will be able to leverage Google extensions. Within the tech industry, this is said to be a smart move by Microsoft, but it may leave end users a […]

2 Iranian Hackers Charged for Ransomware Attacks

The Department of Justice (DoJ) announced that it has charged two Iranian nationals for their involvement with developing and deploying the increasingly-infamous SamSam ransomware. The allged hackers are Faramarz Shahi Savandi (34), and Mohammad Mehdi Shah (27). Both have been charges on several counts of computer hacking and fraud charges. The two leveraged SamSam ransomware to receive over $6 million in ransom payments since 2015. They caused more than $30 million in damages to over 200 victims. This includes public institutions, cities and counties, and even hospitals. The indictment says […]

Possible Dell Security Breach

Dell, the internationally-renowned computer, security, and information technology company, has disclosed that its online marketplace has experienced a cybersecurity incident. The incident was said to have happened on November 9, when a group of hackers infiltrated its internal network. Dell detected the activity on its network and stopped it. The hack was attempting to steal customer information which includes names, emails, and hashed passwords. Dell has reset all customers’ passwords for in the aftermath even though the initial investigation did not return any conclusive evidence that the hackers succeeded. […]

50,000 Printers Hacked to Promote YouTube Channel

This has to be one of the more random hacks that’s happened in recent history… There is an ongoing battle for the most-subscribed-to YouTube channel. T-Series and PewDiePie are fighting for the crown of most subscriptions. This battle took an interesting turn on 11/29, when a hacker took control of over 50,000 printers worldwide to print flyers asking people to subscribe to the PewDiePie YouTube channel. PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), from Sweden, has had the most subscribers on YouTube since 2013 and is widely known for his game commentary and pranks. […]

Healthcare Organizations Lagging in Cyber Risk Plans and Security

Recently, it has come to light that only 29% of major healthcare organizations are reported to have a security program set in place. Within that number, and among those without a program, 31% either are not meeting with their executive committee to give security updates, or are doing so less than once a year. CHIME recently released a 2018 Health-Care’s Most Wired report, the majority of healthcare organizations are seemingly prepared for disasters to strike. Of these organizations, 68% estimate that if a disaster caused a complete loss of their […]