July brings us into the most exciting release for TriVault yet – TriVault Retisense! This upgraded, lightweight platform is a detachment from the already-standardized TriVault main platform, and uses upgraded communication methods to provide quicker endpoint detection and response as well as faster updates to thousands of signature lists, new machine learning techniques, and more – ALL IN ONE PRODUCT!

TriVault Retisense™ will be our new endpoint product for smaller and medium-sized businesses, and all functionality is tied into our enterprise solutions as well. The silent monitoring solution ties our endpoint and detection response suite, our SIEM, and multiple threat intelligence platforms into one product. We also provided localized firewall and proxy routing controls into the product that can be managed by a side admin, or by us, whatever you prefer!

The TriVault Retisense™ product is designed with resources in mind, providing communication patterns to our data sources for updates, signatures, scanning, and more, but only when the resources are available. The platform uses machine learning to identify exactly when to communicate with our servers, so you never have to worry about it hogging resources or impacting your users. Expect to see more of this endpoint management platform in the near future!

Other updates to the TriVault solutions include:

-TriVault Kinect™ 5G update. Previously the platform only sent out communications between fleet vehicles on 3G and 4G/LTE, but will not communicate over 5G as well!

-Fixed any potential issues with the TriVault MacOS Communication Client connection failure.

-Fixed the issue of translation inconsistencies across our remote client tools.

-New virtualization techniques are available for removable media, like USB sticks. We have the ability to allow apps in a virtual desktop to write and make specific changes to media attached to the endpoint, all while sandboxing the environment appropriately and monitoring each change made from the virtualized environment.

-New auto-update feature can be disabled or enabled manually by a site administrator instead of requiring assistance from TriVault.

-We have new default actions for unknown auto-run entries including the ability to terminate/disable and/or quarantine/disable, and this can be controlled by site admins as well and does not require assistance from TriVault.

-New drag/drop file transfer through our remote control client.

-Role-based access options tied into Oracle Access Manager are now an option as TriVault now has different role-based options for organizations, and has a custom-developed connector!