We are excited to announce some upcoming updates to the TriVault integrated platform. These updates are scheduled for 2/16/2019 around midnight, with an expected downtime of roughly 2 hours. The release will take 2 hours to deploy, during which time TriVault’s operations will be in maintenance mode; however, we are still able to log and monitor during this time and will have dedicated staff doing so.


  1. TLS 1.2 will be used as an option across our communication client.
  2. Fixed licensing issue displaying the wrong count at times. No individuals or organizations were charged for this improper display as it was not integrated with billing.
  3. Fixed support phone number displayed on the communication client.
  4. Applied additional measure to ensure low CPU usage by the client.
  5. Added in new proxy support for clients prior to deployment.
  6. Fixed notifications that were unable to be removed on Android devices.
  7. Significantly improved heuristic analysis and embedded code detection profiles and settings. Suspicious auto-runs also added to machine learning platform with ideal definitions of what is suspicious and what is typically in a safe and secure environment.
  8. Enhanced logging on MAC endpoints to also analyze crashes.
  9. Added additional features to sandbox and controlled container environments for development teams that leverage and integrate our solutions.
  10. Able to now discover devices on a network from a probe device selected.
  11. Specific IP’s can now be excluded from IP ranges when discovering devices on a network.
  12. Added in free network malware scanning as a new feature.
  13. Ability to set SNMP v1.2 to discover network devices.
  14. Ability to get alerts and logs when new items are discovered on a network.
  15. New customized scripts for monitoring.
  16. Ability to prevent registry keys from being read by contained applications.
  17. Option to disable real time scans for network items.
  18. New Antimalware Scan Interface integration into the TriVault agent.
  19. New TriVault Virtual Desktop environment for administrative users.
  20. New password enforcement policy for endpoints based on industry recommendations and/or organizational policies or contractual agreements.
  21. Resolved issues with host-based firewall drivers.
  22. Quarantined items can be restored quicker now with a new button added to the GUI.
  23. Added expansion for EU and imported legal requirements into our system for additional implementation.
  24. Added expansion for Singapore and imported legal requirements into our system for additional implementation.
  25. Added new SSO dashboard into TriVault scheme.
  26. New service desk look and layout.

Upcoming Updates:

-Announcing TriVault Kinect in March

-Announcing TriVault Chat Platform for Business (e2ee/decentralized)

-Release of TriVault SOC Tool in March