Month: February 2019

Upcoming TriVault Platform Updates

We are excited to announce some upcoming updates to the TriVault integrated platform. These updates are scheduled for 2/16/2019 around midnight, with an expected downtime of roughly 2 hours. The release will take 2 hours to deploy, during which time TriVault’s operations will be in maintenance mode; however, we are still able to log and monitor during this time and will have dedicated staff doing so. Updates: TLS 1.2 will be used as an option across our communication client. Fixed licensing issue displaying the wrong count at times. No individuals […]

Hacked Twitter Accounts Being Used to Promote Saudi Leaders

“An account spreading pro-Saudi messages actually belonged to a deceased Weather Channel meteorologist.” – Aljazeera Multiple verified Twitter accounts have been taken over by some pro-Saudi operatives. They are being used to promote Saudi Arabia and its leadership, according to an academic that researches multiple digital propaganda silos and Twitter bots. At least four of these accounts are verified Twitter accounts, meaning that these people usually hold some sort of weight or social impact and are verified to be who they are. One even belonged to a meteorologist who died over […]

Android Phones can be Hacked Remotely by Viewing Malicious Image

“Android users are being told to patch their Android OS Nougat (7.0), Oreo (8.0) and Pie (9.0) as soon as updates are available after a bug related to PNG images was found.” Android devices are now vulnerable to a new malicious image that looks innocent, but can be dangerous and acquired just by browsing the internet or receiving the image via text. While this doesn’t apply to all images, Google has discovered that a specific malicious PNG image is being used to hijack a variety of Android devices (those running […]

Ransomware Update: Where We Stand With This Threat

This past week we saw a lot of new variants of the same existing ransomware out in the wild. While TriVault is able to prevent and mitigate ransomware, stopping it in its tracks isn’t always easy for other cyber security companies. With the number of variants out there still on a steady increase, this goes to show that there are still victims in troves. New variants of STOP, Dharma, and Jigsaw ransomware were introduced this past week. According to, there was also a ransomware downloader created from “pixels of […]