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Incident Response

TriVault's emergency response services are designed to provide remote and/or on-site investigation into cyber security events that have impacted your organization. Our incident response services are designed to be precise and efficient. We do not charge hourly for incident response services. Any situations are only resolved once all threats have been mitigated.

Incident Response

TriVault's incident response plan is designed to mitigate, isolate, and document threats. We reference our threat intelligence dictionaries and rapidly resolve issues across networks or on endpoints of all knds. TriVault provides incident response to any organization that asks for it, whether that organization is a pre-existing customer or not. We also have retainer options available for incident response plans to help organizations prepare for cyber incidents and be able to financially support any such incident that may occur.

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TriVault Incident Response

TriVault is the simplest solution to monitor your endpoints with proper security and privacy configurations, and it only takes minutes to set up!


Mobile incident? No problem. We can respond quickly to any imminent or immediate threats.

Non-Invasive Security

Our response plans are private and we follow a 'No Questions Asked' policy with incident response.

Save Money

Our incident response plans are designed to save your organization money. We have retainer plans as well as post-incident plans for organizations that haven't retained our services. Contact us for retainer pricing.

24/7 Support

We're here through thick and thin. Support is always available, and real people answer our phones. You don't need to navigate through a call menu to get to us.

Continuous Threat Analysis

Monitoring never stops, even when we start our incident response. While we respond to threats, we are continuously monitoring for expansions of malware.

Easy to Set Up

TriVault has multiple incident response plans designed around your needs. Simply contact us to set up a plan.

Get Started With TriVault

TriVault's solutions are available to be deployed in minutes! Don't have TriVault, but suspect that you have been breached? Contact us for immediate assistance!

Sign Up For TriVault

Simply contact TriVault to sign up for our services. It only takes a few minutes for a lifetime of peace of mind!

Install the Customized Agents

We generate a customized agent for your network and endpoints and install it in a matter of minutes!

Monitor and Report

We will constantly monitor your network and devices for malicious activity and report findings to you.


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